Adelaide Engineering Aiding Deep Sea Research



A very high quality deep sea research company based in Southampton.The National Oceanography Centre Southampton is the collaborative partnership between University of Southampton and Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) scientists and engineers at the Southampton waterfront campus.

What was required

We machined inside and out of the hemisphere, ensuring a good surface finish. One of the main challenges we encountered was the radii on the inside of the vessel, but with the expertise and extensive knowledge of machining Adelaide Eng has, we was able to create a complex program which was uploaded to our CNC lathe.

Due to the high pressures acting on the hemispheres under deep sea conditions, material cross contamination was not permitted as this could corrode the aluminium, weakenning the forging, this meant we had to ensure all machine beds were thoroughly cleaned down before machining commenced and all cutting tools were free from any other material.

The final article is 2 hemispheres which are connected by a joining plate inbetween, the positional tolerances to connect the 3 parts was crucial, and with our highly skilled employee base we was able to achieve these accuracies.

Adelaide Added Value

At Adelaide, our investment in our people and our commitment to invest in the most advanced technology enables us to provide a rapid, cost effective service, meeting the demanding specifications and schedules required by our customers. We machined these aluminium forgings to a tight tolerance and both Adelaide and the National Oceanography Centre were very happy with the job.

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