Adelaide machine large gear cases for David Brown

David Brown


David Brown is a premier manufacturer of engineering products based in Huddersfield, UK with sites world wide. With 150 years experience, David Brown are proud to be at the forefront of the industry as manufacturers of Large Industrial Gearing Products, up to 250 ton in weight as well as Worm Gears, Industrial Defence and Marine Transmissions.

What was required

David Brown needed someone to machine a large gear case. They needed a large machine shop with calibrated CNC machine tools that could lift a 5 ton case and machine the 4000mm x 2000mm x 800mm gear case.

Adelaide Added Value

The gear case was put on our Heavy CNC Noble and Lund Gantry mill and with our 24hr shifts; the machine has an overall capacity of 5000mm x 4000mm x 1800mm. The gear case was turned around on time and to our usual exceptionally high standards which has resulted in an order for another gear case and the possibility of three more in the near future.

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