Adelaide machine large tube bundle for Portobello-RMF Engineering Ltd



Portobello Fabrications (Sheffield) specialises in the mechanical design and fabrication of process plant and equipment, such as heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Portobello Fabrications work in the chemicals and petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, power generation, water, defence, and nuclear industries.

What was required

Portobello needed to machine a 7 ton tube bundle for a chemical company. They needed a large universal CNC machine that could fit the 1600mm dia x 6000 mm stainless steel bundle.

Adelaide Added Value

The tube bundle needed the tubes removing and a weld prep producing on the tube plate. In total 398 holes needed to be re-machined. It was machined on our 10M CNC Elgamill. Working 24 hr shifts and weekends allowed us to keep on schedule and dispatched to Portobello for refit. Delivering on time was crucial to keep the whole project running smoothly.

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