Adelaide machine Noble and Lund Lathe for GAC Eng Group Ltd



GAC Engineering Ltd, renowned for its expertise in rebuilding and retrofitting quality machine tools. From a simple repair, to adapting existing machines to accommodate new manufacturing requirements and CNC control technology.

What was required

GAC Engineering needed someone to re machine a set of large steady’s of a Noble and Lund Lathe which required re-boring a 10″ tail stock over a 1,000mm length.

Adelaide Added Value

We have a skilled team of technicans and can offer our customers a 24 hour cnc machining service. Our cnc Elgamill Bed mill was put on 24 hour service, the tailstock went on our new CNC Devlieg 96 k Horizontal jig borer with a 6″ spindle over a 1250mm boring capacity.

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