Large Machining and Fabrication

Large Machining and Fabrication

Large Machining and Fabrication

Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd are part of the same group of Engineering companies , with Machined Fabrications Ltd and Ufone Precision Engineers Ltd .

Machined Fabrications Ltd are a large fabrication and large machining company , with a medium to large cnc capacity , with a large fabrication and welding bay with paint and shotblast facility , they also have large cnc gantry milling , cnc universal milling and horizontal boring. #LargeCNCMachining #MachinedFabrications

Ufone Precision Engineers Ltd are a medium to large subcontract precision machining company , they have multi axis and 4th axis milling and turning and precision cnc horizontal boring , they also have large cnc lathes , their large turning capacity lets them turn diameters close to 2000mm in dia and 6000mm long #LargeCncTurning #LargeMachining #PrecisionMachining

For a full comprehensive list of our available Large Machining & Fabrication Services, view our group sites.

About Owen

I have worked in the large subcontract machining and fabrication for 30 plus years and have great experience of large cnc machining and horizontal boring #LargeCNCMachining #machinedfabrications

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