Heavy Fabrication Nuclear & CNC Machining UK

Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd  provides a solutions to Large Nuclear CNC Milling and Turning &  broad spectrum of CNC machining capabilities for nuclear power plant equipment and components.  Our priority is to provide the best solutions to meet the challenges faced by the nuclear industry worldwide. We want to assist our customers to power the world with safe, clean and cost-effective nuclear energy.  Our experienced heavy nuclear CNC machining team and CNC capability allows us to provide innovative machining solutions.

Our Large Machining capacity operates 24/7

We have invested in high quality up to date machine tools to enable us to manufacture to tight tolerances, even on the large components. We carry out Precision Sub-Contract Machining

Subcontract Machining

Large Machining

& Milling and Turning

Our Subcontract Milling and Turning Capacity is a 24/7 operations

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