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Oil & Gas Heavy CNC Machining

Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd has been working in the Oil & Gas sector for over 15 years and offers a wealth of experiencee to satisfy our customers needs. Oil and Gas Subcontract Precision Machining at Adelaide Engineering.

Adelaide offers a complete range of machining processes to satisfy the needs of our customers servicing the Oil and Gas Industry. Our large Horizontal Boring and heavy Vertical Boring capacity works along side the Large fabrication department as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for the Oil & Gas Industy.The equipment used in this industry in designed to meet the ever growing requirement for subsea oil & gas locked away in the sea bed.

Our investment in the lastest plant equipment and software allows us to meet the specific challenge at hand, offering our customers a ‘total solution’ which meets the ever changing demands of the Oil and Gas industry and allows us to provide first class heavy oil CNC machining and heavy gas cnc machining.

Our Subcontract Machining Capacity at Adelaide Engineering , we offer you 3, 4  Axis CNC Milling  so your machined parts can be produced using the most accurate and cost effective methods. We also have a Haas Pallet Changing machine. Oil and Gas Subcontract Precision Machining

4 axis technology is ideal for your more complex requirements. The ability to complete your parts in two settings helps to ensure the repeatable accuracy of your parts.

To help ensure the accuracy and reliability of your parts all of our machines are fully maintained and checked for positional accuracy.

Continued investment in technology enables UF to meet your need for Precision parts to tight tolerances, We have also invested in acquiring companies to grow the group.

Group Includes Machined Fabrications Ltd Ufone Precision Engineers Ltd, Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd & Askey Precision

Subcontract Machining

Large Machining

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