Precision CNC Machining

Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd has shown its one stop shop method in the production of  Precision CNC Machining , Large & Heavy Machined components to be effective; From supplying material, to using our Bespoke Precision Machining Services, to our Huge CNC Milling ,Large Turning & Horizontal Boring Machining capabilities, Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd  proves yet again that we strive on being able to offer customers the complete package.


Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC Machining

Ufone Precision Engineers Ltd turned the Large Diameter Component on their Binns and Berry  Lathe and used their Doosan Cnc Horizontal Borer for the Horizontal Boring and the Horizontal Milling ,  Ufone Precision Engineers Ltd is  part of the MF Group of companies. These include:

Machined Fabrications Ltd who offer Large Machined  Fabrications , Large CNC Milling and Cnc Boring Capacity , Coded Welding and Fabrication Services and CNC Gantry Milling.

Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd who have Large Vertical Boring Capacity and Large CNC Milling and Turning , Precision Cnc Machining, CNC Jig Boring Services with 20 ton  cranes.

Askey Precision Engineering Ltd who offer Precision Milling and Turning , Cnc Jig Boring , Cnc Horizontal Boring Services , Jig and Fixtures Design and Manufacture.

Our Subcontract Machining    capacity at Machined Fabrication group , we offer you 3 & 4 Axis CNC Milling & Turning,  so your machined parts can be produced using the most accurate and cost effective methods. 4 axis technology is ideal for your more complex requirements. The ability to complete your parts in two settings helps to ensure the repeatable accuracy of your Subcontract Machining parts. To help ensure the accuracy and reliability of your parts all of our machines are fully maintained and checked for positional accuracy. Continued investment in technology enables MF Group to meet your need for Precision parts to tight tolerances.

For a full comprehensive list of our available Precision CNC Machining Services, view our group sites.


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I have worked in the large subcontract machining and fabrication for 30 plus years and have great experience of large cnc machining and horizontal boring #LargeCNCMachining #machinedfabrications

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