Lrge Machining

Large Subcontract Milling and Turning

CNC Heavy Defence Subcontract Machining UK Large Subcontract Milling and Turning

Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd has been involved with many Ministry of Defence projects through customers who supply directly to the MoD.  We have the capability to supply a wide range of CNC machined components and precision engineered parts with batch sizes ranging from ‘one offs’ to many ‘hundreds’ our Large Machining has bee used on may contract through out the group which include , Askey Precision Engineering Ltd , Ufone Precision Engineers Ltd & Machined Fabrications Ltd

Adelaide’s ability to supply excellent machining and fabrication facilities is matched with service excellence. We offer our customers a 24 hour service for larger fabrications and also provide a 24 hour break- down service to ensure cost-efficiency across their operations. Our experienced team of heavy defence CNC machining engineers and operators is committed to providing ‘total quality solutions’ across all of our processes.

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