CNC Machines

We have added three large CNC machines to our 24hr capacity.

The investment of over £130,000 includes two CNC Devleig’s Jig Borers and a CNC DSG lathe.  These additions complement our existing large CNC milling capacity which includes a CNC 5 axis Noble and Lund Gantry which has a capacity of 5m x 4m x 1.8m and two CNC Elgamills 10m x 6m.

Adelaide Engineering is committed to the sectors that we serve – Aerospace, Automotive, MoD, Nuclear and Oil and Gas.  In recent years we have heavily invested in our people, plant and machinery to ensure we can meet all of our customers machining requirements.  We now have the capacity to machine any batch size – large or small.  We can offer a 24 hour service meeting all your sub-contacting needs.  We understand the time constraints in all areas of manufacturing and production and we pride ourselves on offering our customers a high quality service at a competitive price every time.

  • Medium to Heavy Fabrication

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